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Les travaux routiers près de chez vous. La Maison bleue est de retour sur les routes de l'Avesnois. Nos autres sites. Flux rss. At 13 pm, the family has confirmed that they have never made it to the stable. After a day of intense concern, his big sister and father went to the police station between 19 am and 20 pm to file an alert as he is still a minor.

Since a police investigation has been opened for disturbing disappearance of minors. Troubling facts. Instead of heading as usual towards metro 2 National, he took bus 28 towards Sainte-Marthe. At the same time, we noticed he had been searching at 7 pm that is, just before leaving the house, post office on the internet. So we contacted the Postal Bank.

We heard he had withdrawn euros in cash ", says his sister Hana. This withdrawal took place in a bank in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille, near Sainte-Marthe at 7 pm this Monday. His phone kept limiting in the 14th but near the city of Mail for two days. Surveillance video cameras, enabled him to be identified at Saint-Charles station on the day he disappeared. The runway seems unlikely, explains his loved ones who describe him as a happy and historyless young man. He has pale complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, a bit strong body.

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When he left the house on Monday he was dressed all in black. He wore a Hugo Boss set, and a black jacket from The North Face, a pair of sneakers, also black and he wears black glasses. If you have any information please contact Grand, mince, les cheveux gris et les yeux bleus. Pierre Albersammer, 54, of Chenebier, has reportedly left his home on foot and has been nowhere to be found for two days.

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His loved ones fear the worst: the hypothesis of desperate gesture is mentioned. An important research device was put in place on Thursday to try to find the fifteen. The police have received the reinforcement of a helicopter from Colmar, as well as a cynophile team from the La Côte canine club. Relatives, friends, residents of Chenebier are also being mobilized to find track of Pierre Albersammer, some sixty volunteers are mobilized this Friday.

Tall, slim, gray hair and blue eyes. Anyone likely to have seen the missing person can contact the Gendarmerie d ' Héricourt on 03 84 46 09 3. Huit mois d'angoisse et de recherches.

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Tessy va bien, elle est en sécurité. The three-year-old little girl was abducted by her father, a Nîmois, in February She found her mum on Thursday, October 15, in Quito, Equatoria. The fugitive father dropped the child off at the French embassy in Quito. After eight months of anxiety and research, Valérie Lopez, contacted by telephone, announced on Thursday, October 15, at Midi Libre that she had finally recovered her daughter, 3-year-old Tessy Verrier, who has been missing for eight months Eight months of anxiety and research. The father reportedly handed the child to the French embassy in Quito, Equatoria.

His psychological and emotional wounds will take time to heal. But the most important thing is that she's with mom again ", wrote Valérie Lopez, in a message on her Twitter account. Tessy is fine she is safe The joy was immense Thursday in Equatoria and France. Valérie Lopez's loved ones and family were multiplying calls to share their emotion. Le père en fuite a déposé l'enfant à l'ambassade de France à Nîmes : enlevée par son père à Toulouse, la Nîmoise Tessy Verrier, 3 ans, retrouve sa maman en Equateur. Les deux adultes et l'adolescent étaient partis du Grau-du-Roi vers 16 h Depuis, seul le corps d'Ayoub Ziane a été retrouvé en Méditerranée, au large de Valence.

La famille de Joséphine et de Mike ne croit pas un accident. After Josephine and Mike disappear on jet ski, his family manifested this Saturday, October 17, The two adults and the teenager had left the Grau-du-King by 16 Since then only Ayoub Ziane's body has been found in the Mediterranean, off Valencia. The family of Josephine and the teenager is manifesting this Saturday in front of the Nîmes courthouse starting at 14 pm.

We protest to advance the investigation, testifies Violet, the daughter of Josephine Rodriguez, missing at sea, jet skiing, with his son, Mike, a year-old teenager. Only the jet ski driver's body, Ayoub Ziane, a Lunellois was discovered in the Mediterranean off Valencia in February Josephine and Mike's family don't believe an accident. Since we met the prosecutor in Nîmes on January 11th, we haven't heard from him anymore.

We want new research.

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We want this to speed up. Their attorney, Pierry Fumanal, asks for judicial investigation to be opened for assassination and will file a complaint. The pilot, Josephine and his son had boarded the Grau-du-King on December 28, around 16 pm and had not given any news.

Les deux adultes et l'adolescent étaient partis du Grau Nîmes : après la disparition de Joséphine et Mike en jet ski, sa famille manifeste ce samedi. Sans nouvelles, ses amis et sa famille ont donné l'alerte dans l'après-midi. Vêtu de noir lors de sa disparition, Ahmed est de forte corpulence et mesure 1M Si vous avez des informations , veuillez contacter le But this young man with no stories, a brilliant former student passed through Thiers High School, never made it to his destination. Without news, friends and family gave the afternoon alert. Early investigations by police for disturbing disappearance revealed that Ahmed had withdrawn a large amount from a distributor just moments before disappearing in the Sainte-Marthe area.

Clothed in black during his disappearance, Ahmed is strong body and measures 1 M More worrying, his cellphone was later geolocated in the city of Mail 14th sector. Diffusion de Fugues et Disparitions updated their status.

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Les gendarmes recherchent des témoignages de personnes permettant de la retrouver. Julie hasn't given a sign of life since Tuesday, October 6, , after his descent from the bus at Barral stop in Seynod Annecy following her high school day. Preferring the runway of a runaway, the gendarmerie calls for witnesses to find the minor's track with a fine silhouette and measuring 1 M50, usually housed in Thônes, in the Aravis.